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Everyday is a winding road
June 6, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by NorthSouth Executive Recruitment
alesia kazantceva

Starting a new business is hard, but the effort you put in brings its own rewards.

We have learned a great deal on this journey and have worked with some amazing people (you know who you are) to get our company organized, have purpose, create a business plan, set up service providers, and really learn to work with each other on this new team.

We share a passion for helping women entrepreneurs. Having gone through this process ourselves, we appreciate the dedication that goes into every scale-up. The sleepless nights, the "second-guessing", the meetings, conversations, budget constrictions...the list is endless, but when you have prepared, thought through your Plan A, Plan B, Plan know you are ready.

We want to thank our family, friends, partners and vendors for their support and advice.

Everyday is a winding road. That is what our business journey has been all about. There are no straight lines to success, you have to learn how to navigate the curves.

To our clients, our journey begins again with you and with each new request. Thank you for trusting us with your business.

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NorthSouth Executive Recruitment is a team of North American based recruiters who find the best talent throughout Canada and the United States to help local businesses boom. We pride ourselves on partnering with organizations that offer flexible work arrangements and/or daycare and other similar benefits.

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